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Special Features for our Tiny Patients

The continuing pursuit of excellence in neonatal care is achieved through research and evidence-based guidelines. The Ottawa Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit prides itself in spearheading and participating in multi-centered studies. Since we cannot duplicate the environment of the mother’s womb, we try to provide the best environment possible.

Warm humidified incubators provide warmth and comfort to your tiny infants.

KanMed Warming Systems provide a comforting, warm and supportive environment for the baby because the baby senses the cozy warmth from the soft water mattress, reduced and indirect light, and the calming effect of various nesting arrangements. Furthermore, the KanMed Baby Warmer creates no magnetic and electrical fields and is so quiet that it does not disturb the baby.

Swaddling means wrapping snugly with special bedding or rolled up blankets to position the baby just like they would be in the womb. The more contained the infant feels the less stress it should feel.

Lighting and noise levels should be kept as low as possible. We do this by covering the incubators with a heavy quilt or blanket, dimming the lights in the room, encouraging everyone – staff, families and visitors – to speak in hushed tones.

Kangaroo Care / Skin-to-Skin Cuddles

Mom and TwinsEvidence-based practice has shown us that a holding technique known as “Kangaroo Care” or Skin-to–Skin Cuddles” is extremely effective and beneficial for both parents and infants.

Kangaroo Care originated in Bogota, Columbia in 1983 by Neos Edgar Rey and Hector Martinez when they developed the ”Kangaroo Mother Care” program to decrease the high mortality rate among preemies. Moms carried their preemies in slings all day, every day and the mortality rate fell from 70% to 30%.

Last updated on: November 28th, 2016