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Quality and Safety

For your safety:

  • In order to identify you correctly, please make sure we have your proper name, current address, telephone number and valid health card number. If you have been provided with an Ottawa Hospital Green Card, please bring this with you and present the card to us upon your arrival.
  • Help us control the spread of germs in the hospital. Please use the alcohol gel/foam dispensers that are available throughout the hospital.
  • Please let us know if you have a fever or cough.
  • The Hospital has a “hand hygiene” policy. Don’t hesitate to inquire if we have washed our hands or use the alcohol gel/foam before your examination.
  • For your safety, if you are a female of child bearing age and you are pregnant or think you may be pregnant, please make sure you tell us before your examination.
  • Some of our procedures will require that you bring in your medication(s) in their original bottle(s). If you have been provided with such instructions, we ask that you carefully read the instructions and to call us if you require further clarification.

Help us avoid unnecessary delays:

  • Please be on time for your appointment. Allow extra time for parking or traffic delays. Parking at all campuses is a challenge. Where possible, drop offs or public transit is encouraged unless directed otherwise.
  • In cases where exam preparation is necessary, please ensure you have followed the instructions for your preparation. Don’t hesitate to call us for assistance on the instructions. Please refer to the attached sheets for the appropriate telephone number.

We encourage you to:

  • Listen carefully as we explain the procedure to you. Ask any questions you may have pertaining to your appointment or procedure.
  • Before leaving the department, please make sure you understand any instructions that you have been given.
  • Please let us know if you have any special needs at the time your appointment is made.
  • Tell us how your visit to our Department went. Let us know what worked well and what we can do to better serve you by filling out one of our surveys located in any of our waiting rooms.
  • As a “scent-free” environment, we ask that you not wear any scented products, i.e. perfumes, colognes etc.


X-rays and radiation

Last updated on: February 18th, 2021