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Welcome to The Ottawa Hospital Division of Maternal and Newborn Care.

Dr. Daisy Moores, MD, CCFP, Head, Division of Maternal and Newborn Care, Lecturer, University of Ottawa Department of Family Medicine.

The Ottawa Hospital has an active group of Family Physicians who provide obstetrical care. They work at both the General and Civic Campuses and have various practice settings and call group arrangements. Their offices are clinic-based (not in the hospital) and are throughout Ottawa. Personalized pre-and postnatal care is provided in their community clinics. They provide care for you and your baby during labour, as well as during the immediate postpartum period, at the hospital. Many of these doctors also run the Monarch Centre, an innovative multidisciplinary maternal and newborn clinic providing postpartum follow-up after hospital discharge.

As family physicians, they do not see pregnancy as an illness, but as a natural stage of life. Family physicians can provide you with breastfeeding education before and after your delivery. They are experts in normal pregnancy and delivery care; they also have the medical knowledge and skills to identify and address any potential complications in a timely manner. Find them at the Ottawa Docs Deliver website.

About Us

Members of the Division of Maternal and Newborn Care are family physicians involved in low-risk obstetrics and/or newborn care at both the Civic and the General Campuses. Members work closely with the University of Ottawa Department of Family Medicine residency program, through the teaching of low-risk obstetrics to Family Medicine residents. For more information regarding the residency program please visit

Low-risk Obstetrics

The family physicians who provide low-risk obstetrical services to their patients follow their pregnancies in their private offices in the community and maintain continuity with the patient throughout, including after the birth. The family physicians work closely with their colleagues, the obstetricians, at both campuses to ensure their patients receive the best care possible.

Newborn Care

Several members of the Division are only involved in the care of their patients’ babies upon delivery. They are called to the nursery to care for these newborns and this care continues in their private practices.

Last updated on: September 26th, 2023