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Is a telemedicine visit right for me?

Telemedicine is useful for many appointments, but may not be appropriate for all of your health-care visits.  If you receive your health care at The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) and wish to be followed by telemedicine, please discuss this option with your TOH health-care provider to find out which appointments can be provided through telemedicine.  All community hospitals and many community health centres and family health teams in Ontario have Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN) studios.

Where is telemedicine available?

Telemedicine is available throughout Ontario in all hospitals and most community health centres and family health teams. The Ottawa Hospital is able to offer telemedicine services through our partnership with the Ontario Telemedicine Network (OTN).

Telemedicine FAQ

What happens during a telemedicine visit?

A telemedicine appointment is similar to a regular check-up. The only difference is that your doctor sees and talks to you through a television screen.

When you arrive for your appointment, your local telemedicine coordinator will explain what will happen during the visit. You may be asked to change into a gown, depending on the type of appointment you are having.

Your appointment will take place in a private room. The telemedicine coordinator usually stays with you. If you would like to have a friend or family member with you, please do so.

Your visit will be like a usual appointment except that you will see and talk to your health-care provider live on TV instead of in-person. Sometimes, we use special equipment like a hand-held zoom camera to get close up views of problem areas, or a digital stethoscope to listen to your heart.

What about my privacy?

Your telemedicine appointment is private and confidential. We use a secure network to conduct your visit. This ensures that your privacy is protected. Except for the people in your Telemedicine room and ours, no one else can watch your appointment. Your visit will not be recorded.

When your telemedicine visit begins, you will be introduced to the people in the telemedicine room at The Ottawa Hospital so that you know who is present.  Your privacy is ensured by The Ottawa Hospital, your community site and the Ontario Telemedicine Network.

For more information on privacy, you may contact Ontario Telemedicine Network toll free at 1-888-346-6784 or visit the privacy page on their website at

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“The Ottawa Hospital is proud to be a leader in providing consulting services via OTN. The opportunity to link our specialists with patients throughout the region is an enormous benefit. We are only beginning to realize the benefits for both clinical and educational opportunities.”
Dr. Jack Kitts, former President and CEO, The Ottawa Hospital

Last updated on: June 29th, 2020