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Working Together for a Healthier Environment

In summary, this program has brought significant benefits and results to TOH beyond cost reduction, including upgrading our aging infrastructure and leadership in environmental responsibility for which we’ve been recognized through various awards. As a prominent member of the Ottawa community we feel an obligation to lead by example with the knowledge that a healthy environment has a distinct link to the health and well being of each of us.

At The Ottawa Hospital our vision is to “provide each patient with the world-class care, exceptional service and compassion we would want for our loved ones”. The condition of our facilities where we provide care contributes to our overall ability to achieve our mission. That’s why we are committed to continuously improve our facilities and manage our operating costs in the most effective manner. A number of major environmental initiatives have been successfully completed including an Energy and Facility Renewal Program delivered by Honeywell.

The program began in 2004, when TOH teamed with Honeywell to develop a long-term infrastructure renewal plan that would significantly improve the efficiency of the hospital’s facilities while reducing environmental emissions. Energy-efficient technologies replaced older, less-efficient systems – reducing electricity, fuel consumption and other related costs. Infrastructure upgrades, such as new lighting and heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) equipment; improvements to mechanical systems; and upgrades to building automation systems to optimize energy management were implemented.

The results are incredible…

  • utility costs were lowered by $3 million annually, amounting to $15 million to date
  • natural gas: 40% reduction
  • electricity: 18% reduction
  • steam: 23% reduction
  • water: 5% reduction
  • GHG emissions: close to 50,000 tonnes to date, equivalent to removing 8,300 cars from the road




In an effort to continue down the path of continuously improving our facilities, controlling operating costs and supporting our mission, additional upgrades have been on-going including replacing the boiler and chiller plant at the Civic Campus. Honeywell recently began implementing a second phase of the Energy and Facility Renewal Program which includes various mechanical equipment upgrades as well as enhancing the building control system. We expect to reduce utility costs by another 4.8%, or approximately $660,000 annually.

Last updated on: November 9th, 2016