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The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) is an academic health-care leader that supports advancing environmental innovations, and each year continues to bring forward new technologies and initiatives which improve the environmental foot print for our organization and community. The Green Team’s projects have provided savings of over $42 million since the inception of the program in the 1990’s, and each year we continue to implement projects that will lead to further savings.

Since the inception of the program in the early 1990’s, TOH has achieved efficiencies and savings associated with environmental initiatives of over $ 42 M and continues to identify new innovative strategies to improve our environmental footprint. Most recently in 2011/12, TOH invested in air cooled lab systems, LED exit signs and chiller upgrades achieving savings of $120 K through the reduced consumption of over 150 KW of electricity. In addition, we expanded our recycling service by installing more indoor and outdoor recycling stations, diverting an additional 66 Metric Tons of waste per year. Finally, in 2011/12 we implemented a composting program for  our cafeteria operations, which is diverting approximately 68 metric tons of food waste annually. Recycling makes up 20% of the total waste stream.

Employee engagement is critical to TOH’s sustainability program. Annually our Green Team organizes and participates in a series of staff events to promote the importance of our environmental programs and educate and engage staff in advancing our Energy and Environmental Stewardship agenda. Our programs have evolved to a stage where many staff regularly identify small and large initiatives that will improve our environmental  footprint, which are incorporated into our annual capital and operational plans. In addition, through our purchasing department we have implemented Environmentally Preferable Purchasing policies as well as a new Sustainable Construction Standard to continue with a focus on procuring environmentally friendly products.

TOH believes that there is a connection between healthy patients and staff and a healthy environment, and we have a corporate responsibility to demonstrate leadership in this field. Moving towards more sustainable operations will conserve natural resources, generate long‐term cost savings, and improve the health and safety of the hospital environment. Through our sustainability program, we encourage all employees to become environmental stewards in their workplace and their communities. All of these benefits will contribute to the exceptional service and world‐class care that TOH strives to provide for each patient.

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Last updated on: November 9th, 2016