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In order to ensure that people with disabilities have appropriate access to health-care services at The Ottawa Hospital, and in order to comply with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA) 2005, The Ottawa Hospital has been very active in recent years identifying barriers, removing barriers and preventing the creation of new barriers.
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  1. The Ottawa Hospital Multi-year Accessibility Plan 2018-2022
  2. Annual Report on Accessibility 2018
  3. Annual Report on Accessibility 2017
  4. Annual Report on Accessibility 2016
  5. Annual Report on Accessibility 2015
  6. Annual Report on Accessibility 2014
  7. Annual Report on Accessibility 2013
  8. The Ottawa Hospital Multi-year Accessibility Plan 2013-2017
  9. 2019 Accessibility Compliance Report
  10. 2017 Accessibility Compliance Report and Comments
  11. 2015 AODA Self-Certified Accessibility Report
  12. 2013 AODA Self-Certified Accessibility Report
  13. Accessibility Policy
  14. AODA Compliance Documents:
  15. The Ottawa Hospital 2010 Customer Service Accessibility Report
  16. Examples of Assistive Devices available at The Ottawa Hospital

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