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The Rehabilitation Virtual Reality Lab (RVR Lab) is a state-of-the-art facility for physical rehabilitation assessment, therapy and research. With the RVR Lab, people living with disabilities can use world-class rehabilitation virtual reality services to improve their mobility and balance.

The RVR Lab uses the CAREN Extended System. CAREN (Computer-Assisted Rehabilitation Environment) combines room-sized 3D graphics, a platform that moves with the person as they explore the 3D world, a dual-tread remote-controlled treadmill, and world-class motion analysis technology. The system has a rigorous safety support system to ensure the highest level of user safety.

With this technology, rehabilitation specialists can create environments that help patients achieve their goals. As the patient interacts with the system, direct 3D motion measurements will provide new information to improve clinical decision-making and advance physical rehabilitation research.

Caren LabLab Benefits

  • Patients can progressively work within simulated environments that cannot be created within the typical rehabilitation clinic. The system creates scenarios that include walking on busy streets, moving on varying terrain, skiing or snowboarding.
  • The RVR Lab fully immerses the patient in a safe environment, allowing them to work to their full capacity without the fear of falling.
  • Virtual reality-based training can help patients return to the community faster by increasing the efficiency of their therapeutic program.
  • The opportunity to develop a variety of custom virtual environments and programs to optimize each patient’s rehabilitation program.
  • The ability to evaluate mobility within controlled virtual environments can lead to innovative treatments and new rehabilitation technologies.
Caren Lab

Caren Room, Ottawa Rehabilitation Centre, Ottawa, Ontario

Our Patients

The RVR Lab is an integrated bilingual program of The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre (TOHRC). It serves residents of the Champlain Region, as well as members of the Canadian Forces.

Our History

The RVR Lab was made possible through the financial support from The Ottawa Hospital, Canadian Forces Health Services, the community and The Ottawa Hospital Foundation..

Contact Us

To learn more about this ground-breaking technology, please contact us.

Last updated on: December 15th, 2016