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Rehab driving program returns freedom to clients

Rehab driving program returns freedom to clients

Mark Franke regained his freedom after completing an evaluation and training at the Driving Rehabilitation Service, which is approved by Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation, at TOH Rehabilitation Centre.

Mark Franke never thought he’d be able to drive again. After surgical removal of a brain tumour and subsequent treatment, his doctor still had concerns about his driving skills. Fortunately, he was referred to the Driving Rehabilitation Service at TOH Rehabilitation Centre.

“I really don’t want to rely on others for going places,” said Franke.

Lynn Hunt, Occupational Therapist and Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialist with the service, evaluated Franke, as she does with every person who comes to the fee-for-service program, now in its 22nd year.

“Driving is an important activity of daily living,” said Hunt. “This service helps clients get back to driving following an injury or illness but only if they demonstrate that they are safe to drive.”

During the assessments, she evaluates clients’ strength, movement, speed of information processing, awareness and other driving skills.

Then they take it on the road, along with a driving instructor in a car equipped with a dual brake. Adaptive driving equipment, such as hand controls, can easily be installed if needed. Hunt observes the client driving on city streets and highways and then says whether he or she is safe to drive, unsafe to drive or would benefit from driving lessons. Lessons are recommended when clients show potential to improve their skills or if they require adaptive driving equipment. After the training period, Hunt assesses the client again to ensure the skills have been mastered.

“New car, re-instated licence, life is good!” said Franke, who now has the freedom to come and go as he pleases. “Thanks to Lynn and the driving instructor, I am driving again.”


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  • Markie!!!!` says:

    We are soooooooo proud of you 🙂 Remember, what out for other drivers!!! They are dangerous…..Good luck Cuz <3

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