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New ID badges will help patients

New ID badges will help patients

In a further step on The Ottawa Hospital’s Journey to Realizing Excellence, all staff members will soon receive updated ID badges that will help patients identify them more easily.

Patients have told us that they don’t always know who is caring for them. The new design and layout will make it easier for our patients, their families and visitors to read names and identify who is who. By turning the badges sideways, it gives more space to put names in larger font.

Badge buddies will hang below the ID badge and identify that person’s professional group. Samples of the badges and badge buddies were tested with patients and visitors and their feedback was incorporated into the design.

The new design will also include QR (Quick Response) codes that are readable by smart phones issued by The Ottawa Hospital. These codes will have a variety of applications that will be implemented in phases.

These updated badges and badge buddies are another way we are working to improve our patients’ experience at The Ottawa Hospital.

Jennifer Proulx
Acting Director of Quality and Patient Experience
The Ottawa Hospital


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  • Tommy says:

    Why is the last name emphasized on the new card? In my opinion, patients would rather refer to the nurse or whoever is caring for him/her by their first name – other than doctors of course. This is a much more personal approach that would make patients feel more connected with staff.

  • Jennifer Proulx says:

    Thank you for your feedback. In fact, it is only physicians who will have their surname highlighted. All other staff will have their first names highlighted.

  • Wanda says:

    When will these be implemented and how? I am located off site so will we have to go to the main campuses to get them?

  • AA says:

    What exactly is a badge buddy?

  • Debby says:

    What will happen to the new garage ID cards that we just received in the past 2-3 months that acts as both our garage entrance/exit card and our hospital ID card. Will the use as an ID card portion be changed to this new ID badge? Reiterate – what is a badge buddy?

  • Michelle Purcell says:

    Does the Badge Buddy actually hang below the badge – making the badge longer than it currently is? We’ve been told that the badge should be above waist level, so it’s easy to read, but even with shortening my lanyard to the very shortest wearable length possible, my badge falls below my waist (and I’m 5’7″). The removable clip part of the lanyard was a good idea, but makes the lanyard longer – leading to ID badges hanging very low. Hopefully the new badge isn’t much longer than before.

  • TOH Communications says:

    Staff will be given details in the coming weeks. All staff should check the internal weekly newsletter “What’s Happening” for more information soon.

    Thank you

  • Anom says:

    The badge buddy is the red portion of the new pass that states what professional group you belong to. Ie Physician, Nurse, Security so that patients/visitors are able to easily identify who YOU are and how you can help without them playing 20 questions with you. Im sure not all “badge buddes” will be red perhaps it will be colour coded for easier identification.

  • Moira says:

    Will our full professional designation fit on the badge? ie. Occupational Therapy

  • Jennifer Proulx says:

    To Michelle Purcell: The updated ID badges and badge buddies are the same height as the current ID badges. The badge buddy sits behind the ID card so that the professional group is easily identifiable.

    Adding to Anom: That is correct that the badge buddy in the example is the burgundy portion. There will be different coloured badge buddies for different groups.

    To Moira: For our Other Health Professionals, discussions with HR and the Professional Practice Chiefs are underway to determine what titles will be used for the badge buddies and the ID badges.


  • JL says:

    Please elaborate on what exactly these “variety of applications” for the QR codes are.

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