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How ready is The Ottawa Hospital for winter?

How ready is The Ottawa Hospital for winter?

Bad weather can make running a hospital difficult. But The Ottawa Hospital is prepared, in case we lose power during a harsh winter storm. Last year, Toronto suffered an ice storm that left 11 hospitals without power.

Luckily, Brock Marshall, Director of Engineering and Operations, knows what to do. He explained that both the General and Civic campuses have multiple generators to back each other up. We have enough fuel on site to operate for 48 hours and have fuel contracts in place so refuelling is not an issue.

The generators supply power to all the patient life-safety systems and one-third of lights, fire-alarm systems and heat.

The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre has two generators that can supply one-third of total power needed for 48 hours, and the Riverside Campus has one generator that will also supply one-third of total power.

The hospital can also add more power if needed. During an extended outage, The Ottawa Hospital has arranged for rental generators to power the hospital.


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