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Good Wishes Program brightens patients’ days


Priscilla Kelly received so many good wishes – 17, including many from Australia – that a volunteer made a special trip to deliver them all.


The hospital can be a lonely place. Priscilla Kelly, mother of four and cancer patient at The Ottawa Hospital, knows how hard it can be.


Most of her family and friends are unable to visit because they live in Cornwall, Ont. or Australia, but they wanted to do something special during her most recent stay in hospital. So, they sent her 17 messages through the new Good Wishes Program.


“When you’re going through tough times it’s just nice to have that positive outlook or positive comments,” said Kelly. “It helps you want to keep fighting. To me, it just helps me stay positive instead of being negative.”


The Good Wishes Program was created in November by the Communications Department and is managed by the Call Centre. The program gives family members or friends a way to send email messages to patients. All they have to do is fill out a form on the hospital’s website. The form is then emailed to the Call Centre, where staff members verify patient room numbers, format the messages, and print them. A volunteer then delivers the messages to patients.


One of Kelly’s friends in Australia found the Good Wishes page and secretly shared the link in a Facebook post on her wall so everyone could send messages. Kelly received so many during one weekend that a volunteer made a special trip to deliver them.


“This brings a smile to my face,” said Kelly. “When I’m sad, I can just take them out and read them again.”


Robert Carr, a volunteer who has delivered some of the good wishes, knows how a small, kind act can make someone’s day.


“If they don’t have relatives that live close by, then I would imagine that those messages would be really important to them,” said Carr.


If you’d like to send someone a good wish, visit the hospital’s website.


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  • Lorraine Laviolette-Loiselle says:

    This is for my Dear and close friend Francise (Fran) Mckenzie who is in the Ottawa Hospital. Know that I am thinking of you Fran and that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family ❤️

    I love Fran ❤️

  • Lorraine Laviolette-Loiselle says:

    Francise (Fran) Mckenzie.
    Patient at the Ottawa Hospital

    Dear Fran know that I love you and that my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. ❤️

    If I am needed or I can help for what ever I can be reached at 613-2650067

    Your friend and travelling companion
    For ever and always in my heart
    Love you Fran❤️

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