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Are you prepared for your surgery?


Today, The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) is launching a new section on its website, dedicated to helping our patients prepare for surgery.

As health-care professionals who care for patients who need surgery, we know what a stressful experience it can be after you’ve been told you need surgery. The fear of the unknown can often be overwhelming. It is with this in mind, that the ‘my Surgery’ section of the website was created.

The overall goal of this project was to ease some of our patients’ concerns by preparing them for what to expect, improving communication and access to information, and providing them with a virtual tour of The Ottawa Hospital as it relates to surgery. This innovative video tour, called ‘Meet the Team’, starts in Admitting and makes its way through the hospital journey to being discharged (even including a tour of the inside of the operating room), all while introducing the health-care team members a patient might meet along the way. The video will help patients and their families experience the complex ‘surgical path’ they can expect to follow before and after surgery so that their surgical journey is more familiar and seamless.

The ‘my Surgery’ section of the website provides a way for patients to access their own ‘Pre-op Health History Patient Questionnaire tool’ from home so they can be better prepared for their initial visit with their surgeon. Also included in the section is educational material for patients such as pre-operative protocols, pain management options, smoking cessation guides and early discharge planning tips.

This project was the result of an inter-professional team of doctors (surgeons and anesthesiologists), nurses and support services (clinical and non-clinical) coming together to create one central resource for patients and families to access important information electronically via the external TOH website. With patients as far away as Nunavut, we felt it was important to find ways to get them the information they need, as close to home as possible. Patients are able to review ‘my Surgery’ with their family members in the comfort of their own home, giving them the time they need to digest the information and fully understand it. 

Barbara Crawford-Newton, RN, BScN, MA
Corporate Clinical Manager, Pre-Admission Unit
Dr. Sylvain Gagné, MD (Anesthesiology), FRCPC
Corporate Medical Director, Pre-Admission Unit
Department of Anesthesiology, The Ottawa Hospital
Hyperbaric Unit
Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa

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