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Finding information about your health shouldn’t be complicated. Healthy Tomorrows is a collection of health stories, insights and tips from experts at The Ottawa Hospital to help you and your family live healthier lives.

The General, Civic and Riverside Campuses
A look to the future: Six innovations coming to our campuses

As we set out to build one of the most advanced hospitals in the country, we’re often asked what we have planned for our existing campuses. From installing new equipment to opening long-term care homes, we have a number of projects in the works to enhance and expand our world-class services at all our locations.

Leaves in the sunlight
Paging Dr. Green: Six environmental initiatives at The Ottawa Hospital

From sustainable design at our new campus to choosing ultra low-flow anesthesia in our operating rooms, here are a few things The Ottawa Hospital is doing to care for the health of our patients, staff and environment.

Mairi Brascoupé (left) and Simon Brascoupé standing in front of the land acknowledgement sign that features their original artwork.
Original artwork by Simon Brascoupé and Mairi Brascoupé presented at the land acknowledgement ceremony for the new Civic development

Learn the public and private story behind the series of four prints recently presented at the site of the new Civic development.

Joanne Read (right) and Karen Stockton
Female leaders plan care now and the next 100 years

Chances are you’ve never thought about all the behind-the-scenes planning that goes in to improving a patient’s experience at The Ottawa Hospital. To celebrate International Women’s Day, meet Joanne Read and Karen Stockton – two accomplished leaders who plan every element of the patient experience, down to the last detail.

Paul Johanis, President of the Greenspace Alliance
Community Engagement Group helps build ownership for the new campus

Building a new, modern health and research centre in the heart of Ottawa is about health care and about the community. A key part of involving the public is creating the new Campus Engagement Group, which met for the first time in May to take a deep dive into the issues most important to the public.

Linda Ferro
Fresh air and gardens improve mental health: natural remedies for patients and staff

Extensive research consistently finds positive connections between mental health, experiencing nature and taking breaks outdoors. That’s why The Ottawa Hospital’s new campus will have space for gardens, walking paths and contemplative areas – for patients and staff.

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