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Dr. Saidenberg is holding a "Hello My name is" poster
Expert hematologist leaves lasting legacy of compassionate care

Dr. Elianna Saidenberg passed away in October 2019, leaving behind a legacy of compassion and devotion. An esteemed hematologist and enthusiastic teacher, she was also a great advocate for patient-centred care.

Collage of HelloMyNameIs photo
The Ottawa Hospital celebrates International #HelloMyNameIs Day, July 23

The international #HelloMyNameIs campaign has taken off at The Ottawa Hospital, with employees, doctors, volunteers and even patient advisors pledging to improve patient care by introducing themselves to patients by name, every time.

Positive health-care staff help Stuntman Stu deal with cancer

‘Stuntman’ Stu Schwartz and Dr. Kate Granger – who both publicly shared their cancer journeys – say positive health-care staff make all the difference. The Ottawa Hospital has joined the #HelloMyNameIs campaign, which aims to have staff introduce themselves to every patient, every time.

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