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  • 3D-printed model helps complex surgery to remove 50 tumours

    Maureen suffered from fibroids in her uterus and was told by five doctors that she needed a hysterectomy. However, with the help of a 3D-printed model of Maureen’s uterus, Dr. Sony Singh removed all 50 tumours and left her uterus intact, allowing her to carry a baby if she decides to.

  • Senators impressed that 3D printing lab will improve patient care

    Senator Art Eggleton (right) was impressed by The Ottawa Hospital’s 3D printing program, saying it would be an enormous benefit for patients. He and other senators learned about the program from Dr. Frank Rybicki (left) and Dr. Adnan Sheikh (second from right). When patients can see a 3D-printed model of their own arthritic knee joint […]