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Continuous review processes ensure quality and safety of Medical Imaging

Medical imaging is an essential tool to help physicians diagnose and treat many illnesses and injuries.  To ensure the quality of the images required, The Ottawa Hospital has several ongoing quality review processes in place, including:

  1. Peer to peer incidental reviews of prior reports ensure that appropriate action is taken when subsequent imaging reveals an overlooked or unforeseen finding.
  2. Technical vetting of day-to-day images ensures the corrections when image quality deviates from the norm.
  3. The patient’s requisitions and protocol prescription is the responsibility of all staff (administrative, technical and medical), ensuring that any member of the team can formally signal a document process error.
  4. Pathology results and surgical outcomes are reviewed and discussed regularly at department-wide rounds.
  5. A patient safety committee that looks for continuous improvement and improved patient satisfaction in Medical Imaging.
  6. Events reported in the Patient Safety Learning System (PSLS) are reviewed by designated clinical reviewers in Radiology.

In addition, The Ottawa Hospital’s Medical Imaging department meets the highest standards of equipment safety reviews and maintenance, allowing health-care providers to focus on delivering world-class care.

Last updated on: November 16th, 2016