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This page is updated by 1pm each business day (Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays) using data from 11 am.

[cfdb-table form=”Occupancy at a Glance” show=”date” limit=”0,1″ headers=”date=Occupancy rates on:” style=”table.cf7-db-table tbody td { padding: 5px; border: 1px solid gray; font-size: medium;} table.cf7-db-table {font-size: medium;} table.cf7-db-table th{background-color: lightgray;} “]

Reporting Date



[cfdb-table form=”Occupancy at a Glance” show=”no-of-beds-civic,occu-percentage-civic,alc-patients-civic” limit=”0,1″ headers=”no-of-beds-civic=Number of Beds,occu-percentage-civic=Occupancy %,alc-patients-civic=Number of ALC Patients”]{{BEFORE}}

Civic Campus*



General Campus

[cfdb-table form=”Occupancy at a Glance” show=”no-of-beds-general,occu-percentage-general,alc-patients-general” limit=”0,1″ headers=”no-of-beds-general=Number of Beds,occu-percentage-general=Occupancy %,alc-patients-general=Number of ALC Patients”]



[cfdb-table form=”Occupancy at a Glance” show=”total-no-of-beds,total-occu-percentage,total-alc-patients” limit=”0,1″ headers=”total-no-of-beds=Number of Beds,total-occu-percentage=Occupancy %,total-alc-patients=Number of ALC Patients”]


*Does not include the Ottawa Heart Institute


Number of Beds: Number of inpatient beds staffed and in operation. Beds closed or blocked for reasons such as infection control measures and staffing are not counted.

Occupancy %: Number of admitted patients per 100 beds available.

Number of ALC Patients: Number of admitted patients needing an Alternative Level of Care.

Last updated on: July 25th, 2022