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The Ottawa Hospital sometimes experiences an increased number of MRSA, and Clostridium difficile cases on its in-patient units. Our healthcare teams work hard to reduce their occurrence and when cases are detected, special measures are put in place to reduce their spread.

These include:

  • Isolating patients who have diarrhea in private rooms when possible
  • Using a bleach solution to clean the environment
  • Auditing healthcare professionals to ensure equipment and hands are cleaned between patients
  • Reminders to staff, patients and visitors that frequent hand washing is the best way to prevent infection
  • Reducing unnecessary traffic and congestion in the unit experiencing the increase in cases


The Ontario government strongly encourages all hospitals to report outbreaks and outbreak-associated cases of MRSA,  and C.difficile to their local public health unit when the definition of an outbreak is met in their facility. For details of this definition, please visit the ministry website.

COVID-19 outbreaks

  Civic Campus General Campus Riverside Campus
COVID-19  B2, A1, B6/D6  5E, 6E, 5NE, 4E, 5WST


The Ottawa Hospital is committed to providing patients and their visitors with the information they need to play a more significant role in their care and the care of their loved ones.  As a result, the hospital goes a step beyond ministry requirements, and reports on units that are experiencing a greater than average number of cases but have not reached outbreak levels.

In-patient units currently on alert

  Civic Campus General Campus Riverside Campus
C. difficile
Influenza A
Respiratory outbreak
S. aureus
Gastrointestinal outbreak
Parainfluenza Virus
Carbapenemase-producing Enterobacteriaceae (CPE)

* Identified as meeting Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care definition of an outbreak

As we work to manage clusters and outbreaks, we ask that patients and visitors please respect our Infection Control Visitor protocols for those in-patient units on alert.

Please Note!

When you visit, please clean your hands at one of the many hand washing stations throughout the hospital before, during and after your visit.  If you are unwell, please do not visit patients in the hospital.

Last updated on: November 29th, 2023