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Welcome to the Ethics Consultation Service. We are here to help patients, family members, and staff work through difficult problems, as well as to provide guidance when tough decisions must be made.

What is Ethics?

The goal of ethics is to look at how moral beliefs both create and solve problems. Ethics can be about right and wrong, and the reasons that we give for our choices and actions.

Ethicists address the question, “What ought we to do, and why?” Decisions about medical treatment can be challenging, because we don’t always know what a patient might want or how best to meet his or her needs. Ethicists can assist patients, families, and staff in their decision making process.

What are some examples of ethical issues?

  • End-of-Life Choices
  • Withdrawal of Treatment
  • Decision-making for Incapable patients
  • Conflict of interest
  • Problems related to consent and capacity
  • Determining goals of care
  • Living at risk
  • Fair distribution of resources

What can the Ethics Consultation Service do for you?

We help patients, families and health care professionals work through difficult situations and reach common ground. We can identify and clarify problems, explore possible outcomes, and consider alternatives. While the Ethics Consultation Service may make suggestions or offer guidance, final decisions always remain in the hands of patients, families, and the healthcare team.

When might you consider reaching out to the Ethics Service?

When you find yourself feeling uneasy about a decision or if you are asking a should question – “Should we discontinue mom’s life support?” “Should I disclose a medical error?” “Should I accept this treatment, even though it’s not really what I want?”

You can contact the Ethics Consultation Service if you are having trouble making a decision or are not sure if the decision you want to make is one that you are comfortable with.

We all have to make tough choices every day. These can be especially upsetting when they relate to our health, or to the health of a friend or family member. The Ethics Consultation Service can help guide you through this process.

Who can request an ethics consultation?

Anyone can request a consultation. Patients, family members, and any TOH employees can contact the ethics team for guidance or to request a formal consultation.

How do I request an ethics consultation?

Call locating and ask for the Ethics Consultation Service, or We are available Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm.

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Last updated on: April 26th, 2018