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A nurse is giving respiratory therapy to the patient

About Us

Respiratory Therapists are highly skilled health care professionals.  They have specialized medical expertise and use their knowledge and skills to provide safe, high-quality care.  If you have medical problems that may be caused by cardiorespiratory or respiratory-related issues, Respiratory Therapists are the experts who will work with you to diagnose, treat, and manage your condition.   ​​​​​​​


Where do Respiratory Therapist work at TOH?

  • Intensive Care unit
  • Emergency department
  • NICU
  • General Wards
  • Rehabilitation- CANVent clinic
  • Pulmonary Function labs, sleep labs
  • Hyperbaric Unit
  • Operation rooms (special designation AA)

What does a Respiratory Therapist do?

  • Are members of interprofessional health care teams
  • Are members of resuscitation and rapid response teams
  • Assess and treat patients who have breathing difficulties
  • Perform a variety of interventions to support the cardiopulmonary system
  • Administer various medical gases
  • Conduct Cardiopulmonary function testing to diagnose, track and manage cases of respiratory disease
  • Provide and maintain mechanical ventilators for patients suffering form respiratory failure
  • Provide respiratory care for both mother and baby in high-risk deliveries
  • Assist patients who require long-term ventilation to return to their homes
  • Keep patients stable and breathing during transitions within or between health care facilities
  • Perform and assist with the insertion of artificial airways and invasive lines
  • Provide education to patients/clients, students and other members of the health care team
  • Assis in delivery of anesthesia

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Last updated on: February 11th, 2022