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Magnet® Hospital research has shown that strong professional practice structures are linked with exceptional patient care delivery, good nursing practice environments and nursing recruitment and retention. The Nursing Professional Practice department prides itself on having a strong professional practice structure, which includes Nursing Unit Councils, the Corporate Nursing Clinical Practice Committee and the Nursing Professional Practice Committee.

Nursing Unit Councils

Nursing Unit Councils are forums for all nurses (registered nurses and registered practical nurses) to participate in the discussion, referral, and decision making regarding clinical topics at the unit level. These topics include patient care, nursing practice, and professional practice issues. Nursing Unit Councils are chaired by an elected clinical nurse and have set agendas, with minutes and specific time for updates from the Corporate Nursing Clinical Practice Committee. Nursing Unit Councils are enablers of The Ottawa Hospital Model of Nursing Clinical Practice©.

Corporate Nursing Clinical Practice Committee

The committee provides a forum for clinical nurses representing 60-70 units to participate in the discussion, referral or decision-making that impacts specific nursing practice and patient care issues. Topics of interest are selected through a facilitated brainstorming process with members each year in September. The committee meets on a monthly basis to work the projects they identified as important to nursing. Each member is accountable to report information and updates to their Nursing Unit Council and therefore act is a direct link to the corporate nursing professional practice structure.

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Last updated on: February 21st, 2020