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Chair: Laura Wilding

Terms of Reference


The purpose of the Advanced Practice Nurse Work Group is to improve clinical outcomes for selected patient populations through advanced nursing practice, program planning and delivery, consultation, research, education, efficient resource utilization, and effective leadership.


  1. To facilitate communication among APNs at TOH.
  2. To promote an understanding of the APN role at TOH.
  3. To promote consistency and standardization of the APN role.
  4. To assist in the creation of new APN positions.
  5. To provide consultative services regarding the APN role at TOH and to the outside community.
  6. To evaluate the impact of the APN role clinically and operationally.
  7. To identify emergent issues related to the APN role.
  8. To provide input from an APN perspective to Nursing Professional Practice committees and work groups as well as to participate in projects and issues discussion.


  1. All APNs at TOH and the Heart Institute.
  2. One Clinical Director who works with an APN.
  3. All other Clinical Directors who works with an APN as ex-officio member.
  4. Chief of Nursing as ex-officio.
  5. Vice-President Nursing as ex-officio.
  6. Other invited members as needed.

Responsibilities of Members

  1. Participate at meetings and work with other members to discuss the issues and offer solutions.
  2. Contribute to the agenda.
  3. Participate in and report on special assignments.
  4. Identify and communicate the needs/issues of APNs for organizational support.
  5. The Work Group will be Co-chaired by APNs for a period of two years. A recorder (secretary) will be chosen among the APNs at each meeting.

Responsibilities of the Co-chairs

  1. Provide leadership and direction in meeting objectives and facilitating participation at the meeting.
  2. Establish regular meeting dates to complete the mandate.
  3. Set the agenda following open invitation for all to submit items.
  4. Ensure follow-up from meetings is carried out.
  5. Ensures reports are submitted to the appropriate people within the appropriate time frame.
  6. Represent the Work Group to the Nursing Professional Practice Committee.
  7. Assure preparation and distribution of agenda, minutes and related documentation to committee members prior to meetings.
  8. Maintain the approved minutes in a binder.


Meetings are held 4 times a year for a full day to be held off-site, and at the call of the co-chair(s).


The APN Work Group reports to the Nursing Professional Practice Committee.


  1. Quorum consists of 50% plus one.
  2. A majority vote of the members present at a meeting will be needed for decisions.

Last updated on: November 15th, 2016