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The Ottawa Hospital 2011-2012 Annual Report

June 28, 2012 In this 2011-2012 Annual Report, we want to share with you successes we’ve experienced and the progress we’ve made at The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) and across the region.

Combining technology and research with expertise and compassion, our team is at the forefront of a medical revolution – creating a world-class facility with internationally renowned physicians, scientists and researchers dedicated to providing outstanding care to the citizens of Ottawa and beyond.

The best care possible is what the community expects, and most importantly, it is what it deserves.

TOH, with the support of its Board of Governors, has set a new and ambitious goal: to become a top 10 per cent performer in quality and safety of patient care in North America. We’ve taken big strides towards reaching this goal – tracking measurable progress to each and every one of our targets.

We’re just so proud of our many innovations, some of which you’ll see and read about right here in the 2011-2012 report.

This year at, you will meet Canadian diplomat Bushra Saeed. After being seriously injured in Afghanistan, it was TOH’s leading-edge Rehabilitation Virtual Reality Laboratory and compassionate multidisciplinary care team that made all the difference in her rehabilitation. Today, Bushra can run – when just a couple of years ago she was afraid she’d never walk again.

We also get a tour of minimally invasive surgery (MIS) at TOH, hearing from world-class surgeons about how cutting edge technology and techniques are changing the lives of people like Kevin Shah – a patient discharged just three days after having surgery to remove a brain tumour.

These features, as well as the many other highlights we share with you in this report, are just a fraction of the successes taking place each and every day at The Ottawa Hospital.

As one of the largest teaching hospitals in Canada, TOH, together with the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) and the University of Ottawa, is training the next generation of health professionals. With an unwavering commitment to improving the patient experience, it goes without saying that providing world-class health care would not be possible without outstanding research – so please take the time to visit OHRI’s online Annual Report as well.

Of course, the community is essential to our success – especially those who generously donate to The Ottawa Hospital Foundation. This continued support speaks to a wonderful future, where our staff can provide the world-class care that we would want for our loved ones.

Dr. Jack Kitts
President and CEO
The Ottawa Hospital

Carole Workman
Chair of the Board
The Ottawa Hospital