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Statement from The Ottawa Hospital and the DARA Tennis Club

Statement from The Ottawa Hospital:

The Ottawa Hospital and the DARA Tennis Club have reached an agreement to continue DARA’s operations at its Maple Lane location.

This agreement includes the same terms and conditions as DARA’s previous agreement with the federal government, and will continue for the same duration, expiring in 2020.

On February 23, the hospital signed a lease agreement with the federal government and took over the site of the former Sir John Carling building. This lease includes the land used by the DARA Tennis Club, which was established approximately a century ago.

The hospital looks forward to continuing to work closely with DARA’s leadership to minimize disruption to the club’s operations and to seek out new opportunities for partnership.

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Statement from the DARA Executive Board of Directors:

On behalf of the DARA Tennis Club, we are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement with The Ottawa Hospital to continue our tennis operations on the same terms and conditions as our previous agreement with Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada.

The Ottawa Hospital leadership has worked closely with the DARA’s Board of Executives to minimize any disruption to the club’s operations in the short term, and to alleviate uncertainty in the medium term. The DARA Board of Executives is most appreciative of the hospital’s efforts to date, and excited by the possibilities that this new health care centre will offer residents, patients, and staff.

“DARA Tennis Club is looking forward to helping fulfill the hospital’s health and wellness mandate,” said Phil Rogers, President of the DARA Board of Executives. “Our club has provided affordable, accessible tennis to players of all ages and abilities for over 100 years now. We look forward to continuing that tradition with The Ottawa Hospital, as well as working with them to provide guidance and support in their long-term planning and design of additional, complementary health and wellness facilities.”

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