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New research chairs in women’s health will drive innovation and empowerment

October 14, 2015  The Ottawa Hospital is pleased to announce that Drs. Amanda Black and Sony Singh have been appointed research chairs in women’s health.

Dr. Amanda Black, Obstetrician-Gynecologist at The Ottawa Hospital, was appointed as the Elaine Jolly Chair in Women’s Health Research, while Dr. Sony Singh, Vice-Chair, Gynecology, of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at The Ottawa Hospital was appointed as the Elaine Jolly Research Chair in Gynecologic Surgery.

Drs. Black and Singh have made women’s health research a priority throughout their careers and have become important advocates.

Every year in Canada, thousands of women require surgery to help manage conditions, symptoms and cancers of the reproductive system. For many, this surgery is invasive and can sometimes have adverse effects. Dr. Singh specializes in minimally invasive surgery and knows the negative side effects can be prevented.

“Research focusing on the least invasive, most beneficial and cost effective solutions that provide patients with excellent outcomes and experiences is the goal,” says Dr. Singh, who is also an associate professor at the University of Ottawa. “The surgery that is offered should not only resolve the issues it’s meant to ‘cure’ or ‘heal,’ but also do so without creating new complications or additional grief.”

As for Dr. Black, she has made a name for herself as a researcher and advocate for family planning and contraceptive care. Although the subject may sound simple, providing effective contraceptive care can be extremely challenging and there are many myths and misconceptions that need to be addressed.

“Although there are a wide range of contraceptive options available in Canada, half of pregnancies are unintended and women in vulnerable populations are disproportionately affected,” says Dr. Black, who is also an associate professor at the University of Ottawa. “Informing health-care providers and policy makers of the barriers and varying practices can help bring forward change that will impact the health of Canadian women of reproductive age.”

Other goals of the Elaine Jolly Clinical Research Chairs in Women’s Health include the creation of strategic collaborations with local, national and international organizations to implement care at the Shirley E. Greenberg Women’s Health Centre and the empowerment of all women by informing them of research developments.

In January 2005, the Shirley E. Greenberg Women’s Health Centre at The Ottawa Hospital was officially opened with Dr. Jolly as the first Medical Director of this unique, integrated Women’s Health Centre. In January 2015 she was presented with the Queen’s Jubilee Medal in honour of her ongoing contributions to women’s health.

The two chair positions were created as a result of a $2.5 million fundraising campaign by The Ottawa Hospital Foundation – a large portion of which came from the generosity of Shirley E. Greenberg.

“I have always been an advocate for women’s health,” said philanthropist Shirley Greenberg, who made a $1 million gift to the research chair campaign. “Thanks to the dedication of more resources to women’s health, female patients are able to make more informed decisions regarding their own bodies and their treatment.”

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