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C. Difficile Outbreak

March 31, 2011 – The Ottawa Hospital is currently experiencing a C. difficile outbreak in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Civic Campus.

The Ottawa Hospital has established a number of procedures to control and manage the C. difficile outbreak. As described in the best practice standards for managing C. difficile, we are:

  • Notifying public Health and involving all necessary services in the hospital to assist in outbreak management.
  • Placing individuals identified or suspected to have C. difficile on contact precautions (which means gowns and gloves are used when we go into their space), and ensuring that appropriate treatment is being given.
  • Reminding all staff of the importance of hand washing.
  • Enhancing cleaning of the outbreak unit.
  • Ensuring that visitors are instructed in hand washing and other control measures.  Information can be obtained from the hospital staff.
  • Providing education where needed so that all members of our team are up-to-date with current management strategies.

Emergency Update

Civic Campus on backup power

The Civic Campus is on backup power

We are still able to provide emergency care. However, we won’t be back to business as usual until normal power is restored.

We are working with Hydro Ottawa to get power restored as quickly as possible

We currently have 5 patients with injuries related to last night\\\'s storm, 1 of them arrived this morning. 2 in critical condition, 1 serious, 2 stable.

Updates will be posted on Twitter.


Le Campus Civic est alimenté par une source électrique de secours

Nous pouvons donner des soins urgents. Cependant, nous ne pouvons pas fournir de soins ou de services habituels avant le rétablissement complet du réseau électrique.

Nous travaillons avec Hydro Ottawa afin de rétablir le courant le plus tôt possible.

Nous soignons cinq patients blessés par la tempête d\\\'hier soir. L\\\'un d\\\'entre eux est arrivé ce matin. Deux des patients sont en état de santé critique, un patient est en état de santé grave et les deux autres patient sont en état stable.

Prochaines mises à jour diffusées dans Twitter.