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Finding information about your health shouldn’t be complicated. Healthy Tomorrows is a collection of health stories, insights and tips from experts at The Ottawa Hospital to help you and your family live healthier lives.

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The holidays, COVID-19 and mental health: Tips to help guide you through a pandemic-heavy holiday season

The holidays can put a strain on our mental health, especially during COVID-19. Read on for tips on how to manage a COVID-heavy holiday season and set up activities that promote wellness.

A young lady is coping with COVID-19 stress at The Ottawa Hospital
COVID-19 Compassion is a part of managing stress

It is normal to feel stress related to COVID-19 and all the pressures that it may present. Many of us are feeling stretched and stressed, and are letting go of some of the coping strategies that have helped us. Read on for some validation that you are not alone in this struggle.

Shift work and sleep
Shift work and sleep: Sleep tips from the experts

Shift workers face unique challenges when it comes to sleep. Sleep physician and researcher Dr. Tetyana Kendzerska and health psychologist Dr. Kerri Ritchie from The Ottawa Hospital offer sleep tips for shift workers.

Jessica Campoli, psychology resident at The Ottawa Hospital offers four tips for reducing worry: Breathe deeply; write it down and determine your options; let go of what you can’t control; take a break from worry.
Feeling worried? Four tips to help you not worry so much

We all worry. It’s part of life. But some of us worry so much that it affects our health, our relationships or our work. Experts at the Ottawa Hospital offer tips for how to worry less and when to seek support.

Smudge procedure gives comfort to Indigenous patients and families

For many patients and families, spiritual practices can help manage the stress of time spent in hospital. For First Nations and Métis patients and families, these practices might include smudging ceremonies. The Ottawa Hospital now has a procedure in place to be able to respond to requests from patients and families for smudging ceremonies.

image of Technostress client
Are you technostressed or technosavvy? 6 tips to balance techno-perils and techno-pleasures

Technostress can interfere with your daily activities or relationships. If you feel that’s happening to you, your coping system may need the free upgrade recommended by two psychologists at The Ottawa Hospital.

This website gives you common facts, advice and tips. Some of it may not apply to you. Please talk to your doctor, nurse or other health-care team member to see if this information will work for you. They can also answer your questions and concerns.