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The Weight Management Clinic (WMC) of The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) is designated as a Bariatric Centre of Excellence (BCoE) and is part of the Ontario Bariatric Network (OBN). The OBN was established through the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care (MOLTC) as part of a targeted health initiative to reduce obesity and weight-related comorbidities for Ontario residents.

The MOHLTC created the OBN in an effort to make treatment for obesity more accessible, to improve patient flow, reduce the number of people suffering from obesity related diseases, and to standardize bariatric care across the province.

What is a Bariatric Centre of Excellence (BCoE)?

Through the OBN, a handful of hospitals across the province of Ontario have been given the designation of a Bariatric Centre of Excellence (BCoE).   In order to be given the status of a BCoE, certain criteria must be met by sites which includes the following:

  • BCoE’s must be located within an academic hospital setting to support research related activities to inform best practices related to obesity management
  • BCoE’s must be established in centres across the province to ensure equitable health care is available to Ontario residents needing services related to weight management and lifestyle issues
  • BCoE’s must have an experienced surgical team with at least two (2) bariatric surgeons at each site to receive the designation of a BCoE
  • BCoE’s must have an interdisciplinary team for patient assessment and follow-up
  • BCoE’s must have the necessary space and equipment required for the bariatric population
  • BCoE’s must be able to manage surgical volumes greater than 100 cases per year

Please visit OBN or Bariatric Centres of Excellence for more information.

Last updated on: November 9th, 2020