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Whether you are new to our program or transitioning from the CHEO clinic, we welcome you to the Ottawa Regional Adult Bleeding Disorders Program. Please consult the following general information, to ease navigation within our program.

Our team


Other members of our team include dedicated health-care professionals such as lab technologists in the Hematology Laboratory as well as Transfusion Medicine, and other physician specialists.

Our program’s vision

We strive to offer optimal care to our patients living with a bleeding disorder throughout the life cycle.

Our services

Comprehensive Care Program
We see our patients for regular comprehensive assessments as recommended by national and international standards.

Home Care infusion program
We support your needs for home care infusion. Please inform us 72 hours in advance of requiring additional supplies. We can also coordinate the pickup of your supplies from your local community hospital if you live outside of the Ottawa area. We would like to receive your treatment diaries every time you place a new order. You can submit them in any format you wish (eg.: paper copy, electronic).

Medical assistance
For concerns about your general health
; Always advise your family physician first.

During regular hours Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m., please call our office number.
Outside regular hours, call 613-722-7000 and ask to speak with the hematologist on call.
Please take note that Dr. Tinmouth or Dr. Saidenberg are always available for consultation to the hematologist on call if required.

Consultation services

Perioperative care
We organize the administration of appropriate therapy to ensure that you can safely have invasive procedures you may need or want to have. Please remember that surgery should be conducted at the hospital with which your Treatment Centre is affiliated. In North-Eastern Ontario, this is The Ottawa Hospital.

You must inform us of any scheduled procedures, such as surgery, dental work, biopsy, colonoscopy, etc, as soon as you know the procedure date. It is important to do so in the event that your doctor does not contact us.

Women with Bleeding Disorders
We offer consultation services in a combined clinic where a gynaecologist, hematologist and nurses collaborate to assist women who present with gynaecologic bleeding symptoms.

Perinatal care
Please inform us if you are planning a pregnancy or are currently pregnant. Your coagulation factor levels must be checked so that we can make recommendations to your obstetrician for the safe management of your labour, delivery and post-partum care.

Where to turn for more help

Canadian Hemophilia Society
National office in Montreal
Toll-free: 1-800-668-2686

Hemophilia Ontario
Toll-free: 1-888-838-8846

Hemophilia Ontario –Ottawa &Eastern Ontario
Tel: 613-739-3845

World Federation of Hemophilia

Contact Us

Monday – Friday: 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Phone 613-737- 8252

Outside regular hours:
Phone: 613-722-7000 – ask for hematologist on call

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Last updated on: May 21st, 2021