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The Ottawa Hospital is a member of the Neurosurgery Education & Outreach Network (NEON) which is led by Critical Care Services Ontario (CCSO).  This network has been implemented to support the management and care of specialized neurosurgical patients and to improve the neurosurgical skills of the nursing staff caring for these patients, at non-neurosurgical centres.

NEON provides neurosurgical nursing support, education, and educational resources to hospitals within Ontario including the Champlain -Local Health Integration Network.  NEON is comprised of nurse educators, outreach nurses, and hospital administrators from neurosurgical centres across Ontario. Together, this group is responsible for supporting equitable and timely access to neurosurgical care and helping to maintain the provinces neurosurgical capacity (NEON Terms of Reference, 2015).

The Ottawa Hospital has a Neuroscience Nurse Educator and a Clinical Nurse Specialist in Neurosurgical Outreach. They provide support to the non-neurosurgical hospitals within the Champlain LHIN.  They assist these hospitals with assessing and enhancing the neurosurgical skill set of their nursing staff, providing expertise in neurosurgical care, aiding in repatriation, and assisting with the development of neurosurgical nursing protocols and care practices.

The nurse representatives for the Neurosurgery Education & Outreach Network at The Ottawa Hospital are:

Dianna Hughes      Neurosurgical Outreach Nurse Specialist

Raizha Gramcko    Neuroscience Nurse Educator

Neon Resources

CCSO and Criticall

CCSO Neurosurgical Guidelines

Educational Resources

Aspen Vista Cervical Collar Video Series:


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Last updated on: January 16th, 2024