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The Eye Institute offers a unique multidisciplinary research experience. We welcome applications from medical students, North American and International medical school graduates, Postdoctoral Fellows, and graduate students. A brief description of ongoing clinical and basic discovery research is indicated below. Interested candidates should forward a copy of their CV, statement of research interest and an indication of their time commitment directly to the researcher whose program interests them.

Basic Scientists

Dr. Catherine Tsilfidis
Research interests in the lab are focused on gene therapy approaches for the treatment of retinal degenerations, and on studying the regenerative capabilities of the newt Notophthalmus viridescens. Research projects require a full-time commitment of at least one year, although applications from summer students, and 4th year honours students are also welcome. For more information, please read Dr. Tsilfidis’ research profile.


Dr. Seymour Brownstein 
We offer a one-year funded, clinical research fellowship in ophthalmic pathology with many opportunities for publications on clinicopathologic correlations as well as on basic science research studies. This provides excellent experience for a pre-residency year prior to a residency in ophthalmology or pathology. An MD degree is required for the funded position. For more information, please email Dr. Brownstein.

Dr. Ralf Buhrmann 
Dr. Buhrmann directs the Ophthalmic Surgical Simulation Center and has a research interest in microsurgical skills development with particular interest in simulation models, curriculum development and evaluation. He also has research interests in population disease management – research program in forecasting the epidemic of age-related eye disease in Canada; population disease management approaches and guidelines for the prevention of blinding eye disease.  In addition, Dr. Buhrmann conducts research in international ophthalmology – guideline development of vision care for immigrants and refugees to Canada. For more information, email Dr. Buhrmann.

Dr. Michael O’Connor 
Research interests are in medical education, particularly post-graduate surgical skills development using virtual reality technology. In addition, Dr. O’Connor is interested in pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus, particularly retinopathy of prematurity, pediatric glaucoma and cataract, and amblyopia. Time commitment will vary depending on the project, but applicants should be prepared to make a substantive commitment. Interested candidates may email Dr. O’Connor.

Last updated on: December 30th, 2016