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The Ottawa Epilepsy Program

The Ottawa Hospital Adult Epilepsy Program is one of the four core pillars of the Ottawa Epilepsy Program. The program is part of an interconnected network of community educators, social service providers, patient advocates and health-care professionals that seek to promote the health and wellbeing of patients living with seizures and epilepsy in Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley, part of the Champlain Local Health Integration Network or LHIN.

The program is one of the main hubs of epilepsy expertise in the province (see below for a provincial map of epilepsy centers). It serves a population of 1.3 million in the Champlain LHIN. It also serves parts of the population of Nunavut as well as Western Québec.

We are currently pursuing a strategy of growth and innovation. The Ottawa Hospital’s Adult Epilepsy Program is aiming to become a world leader in supporting and caring for those affected with epilepsy.

Last updated on: February 3rd, 2021