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EMU neurologists: Dr. Rajendra Kale, Dr. Tad Fantaneanu, or Dr. Arezoo Rezazadeh

  • Provide leadership to the team of health professionals and ensure day-to-day functioning of the EMU according to provincial guidelines. They will each cover a week in the EMU, and are the most responsible physicians (MRP) .

EMU technologists:

  • set up patients for epilepsy monitoring
    • introduce patients to the physical layout of the EMU
    • explain electrode application and recording procedures

EMU registered nurses: an RN will be on the unit looking after both patients 24/5.

  • provide orientation to the EMU
  • review safety guidelines and roles of the team members
  • check environment safety as per organizational policy – i.e., all equipment, including oxygen and suction is functioning and available

Epilepsy clinic nurse: Sabrina Chang

  • triage referrals and schedule each patient’s admissions
  • prepare patients and answer related questions before an admissions:
    • introduce the EMU
    • gather information for the pre-admission emails
    • generate offer letters and EMU documents
    • confirm admissions
  • rescheduling patients if there is a cancellation

 Pharmacist, other health-care professionals and support staff

Last updated on: December 16th, 2020