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Epilepsy information including epilepsy surgery

  • Epilepsy Ottawa is one of the four main pillars of the Ottawa Epilepsy Program and includes its community program. Its website has a number of useful resources, including videos, information pamphlets, and spark sheets on diagnosis, treatment of seizures and epilepsy. It also has a listing of local resources and programs.
  • Epilepsy Ontario and Drug Shortages Canada each has a list of current anti-seizure drug shortages. Please consult the links below to see how this could affect you
  • The Canadian League Against Epilepsy has a good amount of information in the “About Epilepsy” drop-down menu.
  • Epilepsy Ontario has many articles and patient info sheets written by epilepsy experts in Toronto, London and other parts of North America. Visit their dynamic YouTube channel for very useful videos on how seizures can manifest.
  • org has information on staying safe while living alone with epilepsy.

Seizure first aid

Women with epilepsy

Epilepsy and healthy living

  • Living with Epilepsy: Epilepsy Foundation

Sudden Unexpected Death in EPilepsy (SUDEP)

Non-epileptic seizures

Epilepsy research at The Ottawa Hospital

The Ottawa Hospital is a leading academic health, research and learning hospital. Its clinicians are engaged in a number of research studies on multiple research topics including medical education, critical care electroencephalography, outcomes in the care of women with epilepsy, and transition of pediatric patients to the adult hospital, to name but a few.

Please visit the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute (OHRI) for more information on current epilepsy research being done in our hospital.

Last updated on: November 5th, 2023