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Epilepsy is a complex disorder that requires specialized care. Recognizing this, we provide many different outpatient clinical services as outlined below, each with its own unique approach and expertise.

General Epilepsy Clinic

The goals of this clinic are to provide holistic and patient-centred care and to help you control your seizures. We see patients with epilepsy who have issues with medication resistance, patients with newly-diagnosed epilepsy, patients who have had epilepsy surgeries, and patients who need vagus nerve stimulator adjustments, amongst many other indications.

We also see patients experiencing seizure-like events who need a diagnosis.

First Seizure Clinic

The aim of the First Seizure Clinic is to help patients who may have had an epileptic seizure for the first time in their life, or from whom a diagnosis of epilepsy is suspected. An urgent referral pathway has been established to avoid usual delays in assessment and counselling for people in the situation since there is often a significant impact on their psychological and social health.

Currently, the First Seizure Clinic is only open to patients who were evaluated in the Emergency Department at The Ottawa Hospital. The pilot phase will end in 2021, at which time we will be able to evaluate patients being referred from other places.

Women with Epilepsy Clinic

The Women with Epilepsy Clinic was established to address the very specific needs and concerns of women with epilepsy. Women face a variety of unique challenges, particularly when dealing with reproductive health. Female hormones can impact brain function and trigger seizures through all stages of life, from puberty through menopause.

The program pulls together a team of neurologists, maternal-fetal specialists, and gynecologist, all with specialized interest and backgrounds in women with epilepsy.

Transition/Transfer Clinic

Both adults and pediatric epilepsy programs in the city are interconnected and part of the Ottawa Epilepsy Program.

As a result, we work closely to ensure that young adults and adolescents who are treated at the Children’s Hospital have a smooth transition into the adult stream of care. We have considerable experience with pediatric patients and understand the complexities and concerns surrounding adolescence as they enter this new chapter in their care.

Clinic nurses

We have a highly-specialized and well-trained team of epilepsy nurses at all of our clinics who will respond to your questions and needs. They help your epilepsy specialists gather information, make medication adjustments and provide education should you have seizures between your formal appointments.

We have a confidential nursing line at 613 798 5555 ext. 18102. Due to the volume of calls, it has been designed as a voice messaging system. Please leave your detailed message including your first and last name, the name of the epilepsy specialist who follows you, the reason you are calling and a call back number. Once we receive your message, we may either discuss it with your physician or call you to get more information. Once we have a course of action, a person in our office will call you, either the nurse, administrative assistant or the doctor.

Clinic Location and Contact Information

Location :
We are located at the Civic Campus of the Ottawa Hospital, in the neurosciences clinic on the second floor (C2).

Telephone : 613 798 5555 ext. 17932
Nursing Line : 613 798 5555 ext. 18102 (a voice machine)
Fax : 613-761-5360 OR 613-761-4752

The administrative assistants are Michelle D’Angelo for Dr. Kale and Dr. Fantaneanu and Wende Hanes for Dr. Rezazadeh.

Last updated on: June 18th, 2021