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Launched in July 2023, the Champlain Screening Outreach Program allows eligible individuals without a family doctor living in Eastern Ontario to access cancer screening.

Am I eligible for cancer screening?

We provide screening for the cancers that have organized provincial programs: cervical, breast, lung, and colon cancer.

Check the table below to see if you are eligible for screening!

Cervical CancerBreast CancerLung CancerColorectal Cancer
Pap test every three years from age 25-69.Mammograms from age 50-74.   If you are aged 40 to 49 or older than 74, you can speak with our nurse practitioner to see if screening is right for you.   If you have a family history of breast cancer, you can speak with our nurse practitioner to see if earlier screening is right for you.Current or past smokers aged 55-74.    A stool (FIT) test every two years from age 50 to 74. Based on family history, some people may be eligible for a screening colonoscopy.  

This program is not for you if:

  • You live outside of Ontario or are not covered by OHIP.
  • You have signs or symptoms of cancer. We do not offer other primary care services or diagnostic services. If you have a current medical complaint, please access care through available walk-in clinics.

How do I make an appointment?

Patients can self-refer to the Champlain Screening Outreach by calling 1-833-551-4125 or by booking an appointment online.   

Your first appointment will be a phone call. If an in-person appointment is required, you will be seen at one of our various locations across the region.

Please take a moment to review our consent form.

Our Team

When you access our program, you will be called by our “Super screener” Nurse Practitioner Sarah Junkin-Hepworth.

Sarah Junkin-Hepworth

Patient Resources

Patient Resources – Quebec

Info-Cancer Hotline: 1-800-363-0063

Last updated on: November 15th, 2023