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Main Switchboard: 613-737-7700

Cancer Centre patients requiring support with any issue can call:

Patient support line for the General campus & IGFCC at Queensway-Carleton Hospital x 15444
Or direct dial 613-761-5444

Cancer Centre Appointments:

General Campus:

  • Module A: ext. 70513
  • Module B: ext. 70087
  • Module C: ext. 70092
  • Module D: ext. 70070
  • Module L: ext. 78131

IGFCC (Queensway-Carleton Hospital):

  • Modules E and F: ext. 25229

Psychosocial Oncology (Providing Support and Rehabilitation)

General Campus:

  • ext. 70516

IGFCC (Queensway-Carleton Hospital):

  • ext. 25200

Radiation Therapy:

General Campus:

  • Radiation South Wing: ext. 70528
  • Radiation North Wing: ext. 70901

IGFCC (Queensway-Carleton Hospital):

  • Radiation Reception: ext. 25150


IGFCC (Queensway-Carleton Hospital):

  • ext. 25408

Other Areas Where You May Have an Appointment

  • Shirley Greenberg Women’s Health Centre:  ext. 81795
  • The Ottawa Hospital Breast Health Centre: ext. 14400
  • Ages Cancer Assessment Clinic: ext. 78501

If you need to cancel your visit for any reason, please call the Module
or location where your appointment is scheduled as soon as possible.

Last updated on: March 4th, 2022