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Injury Prevention Did You Know EN

What is an injury?

According to the World Health Organization (WHO),

Energy Exposure Physical Damage Injury

What is Injury Prevention?

  • Strategies, policies or programs
  • Purpose: Reduce or Eliminate occurrence and severity of injuries

Why should we prevent injuries?

According to Parachute, preventable Injury is the leading cause of death for Canadians aged one to 44.

How can we prevent injuries?

We can prevent injuries by:

Preven Injuries by graphic EN

What is the cost of injuries in Ontario?

According to the Cost of Injury in Canada report released June 2015:

The cost is rising!

Cost of Injuries

For more detailed information please review the full report on the Cost of Injury in Canada

What are the main causes of injuries in Ontario?

  • Falls
  • Transport incidents
  • Self-harm

Injuries aren’t accidents!

Most of them are predictable and therefore preventable

Last updated on: February 5th, 2021