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Robotic surgery: Precision with an eye on Quality and Safety

The Ottawa Hospital’s robotic surgery program has been in place since 2011 and has contributed to positive outcomes in patient care in the speciality areas of prostate, endometrial, cervical and head and neck cancers.

The implementation of the surgical robotics program was realized with the recruitment of Dr. Rodney Breau upon his completion of a two-year fellowship in robotics at the Mayo Clinic. In addition to acquiring the necessary skills, knowledge and equipment, The Ottawa Hospital put in place rigorous standards and standardized procedures to ensure a successful program. Surgeons are trained and credentialed, as is the entire robotics operating room team. Quality metrics are set and reviewed regularly to ensure world-class care.

Today, patients at The Ottawa Hospital benefit from shorter hospital stays and extremely high levels of satisfaction with quality of life indicators such as reduced risk of incontinence and sexual dysfunction.

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Last updated on: December 9th, 2016