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PhysioBased on the The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre (TOHRC) team assessment and patient goals, an individualized treatment and therapy plan will be developed and implemented. The patient will attend regular therapy sessions to work toward specific goals.

Our interdisciplinary team works with patients and caregivers to improve and maintain the best level of function possible in all aspects of living. The treatment is based on the following areas, depending on individual patient needs:

  • Mobility: including walking, transfers, positioning, driving and related issues of environmental accessibility
  • Self-care: including personal care, daily-living activities, homemaking and vocational pursuits
  • Psychosocial status: including emotional health and spiritual well-being
  • Communication: including both speaking and writing
  • Nutrition: including healthy eating and special needs
  • Breathing: including assessment and monitoring of lung functions and lung hygiene, as well as respiratory support

For more in-depth information about TOHRC treatment and therapy, please refer to a specific TOHRC care stream.

Last updated on: December 2nd, 2016