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Audiology services at The Ottawa Hospital are provided to outpatients and inpatients in both English and French.

Referrals from a physician are required. Services of an interpreter are available on request.

Cost of Services

Ontario residents must have a valid provincial health card in order for the provincial health insurance to cover the cost of services that we provide.

Note: Not all audiological services are covered by OHIP. For example, there is a fee for services related to hearing aids.

Costs are covered for residents of other Canadian provinces who present a valid provincial health card when they come for their appointment.


Description of Services

Auditory Brainstem testing (ABR)
ABR is a useful diagnostic tool that measures brain wave activity from the hearing centres in the brain in response to clicking sounds. It can be used to determine if there are any problems with the hearing nerve, or for measuring hearing when more conventional hearing tests cannot be used. The test takes up to an hour, and is painless. Electrodes are attached to the patient’s head, and then the patient listens to clicking sounds. The patient can even sleep during the test.

Cochlear Implant Program
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Electrocochleography (ECochG) 
This test records the activity of the cochlea (inner ear) and hearing nerve. Analysis of the waveform is used to help the doctor diagnose Meniere’s disease. Electrodes are attached to the patient’s head, and the patient lies quietly and listens to clicking sounds.

Hearing Aid Evaluations
Results of a hearing test and discussions of listening needs will help the audiologist prescribe a specific hearing aid.

Hearing Aid Verification
Hearing aids are tested to make sure that they are working the best they can to assist the hearing problem.

Hearing Test
This involves assessing the smallest sound a person hears (threshold) at a variety of frequencies. Results are shown on a graph called an audiogram.

Impedance Testing
This test helps to identify and diagnose middle ear problems. A soft plug is placed in the ear canal, and while listening to a sound, the air pressure in the ear canal is increased or decreased. Results may show abnormalities in the movement of the ear drum or the bones in the middle ear, the presence of fluid in the middle ear space, or holes in the ear drum and how well the middle ear tubes are working.

In addition, an acoustic reflex test may be performed. A soft probe is placed in the ear, and loud tones are produced. This test measures the contraction of a muscle in the middle ear. It can give information about middle ear function, as well as the functioning of the hearing and balance nerves.

Otoacoustic Emissions testing (OAE’s)
OAE’s are sounds that are produced by healthy ears in response to other sounds. This test is used to determine the status of the inner ear (cochlea), specifically outer hair cell function. This test may be used to screen hearing, estimate hearing sensitivity within a limited range, or test for functional (faked) hearing loss. A probe is inserted into the ear canal and the client will hear sounds. The client does not need to respond.

Tinnitus Evaluations/Tinnitus Clinic
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Last updated on: June 20th, 2017