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At The Ottawa Hospital, Speech-Language Pathology services are provided to outpatients in English and French. Services of an interpreter are arranged as needed.

  • All patients must have a valid provincial health card.
  • A referral from an Ottawa Hospital doctor is needed.

Outpatient Services

Speech-Language Pathologists also work individually or as members of multidisciplinary teams to provide a number of outpatient services.  These include assessment and management of:

  • Swallowing difficulties (VFSS)
  • Communication changes following laryngectomy (including tracheoesophageal voice restoration)
  • Communication by means of augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) systems
  • Voice disorder (assessment only)
  • Communication and thinking challenges following a brain injury

Swallowing Assessment

A referral from a doctor with admitting privileges to The Ottawa Hospital is needed in order to make an appointment for an outpatient consultation of swallowing, including videofluoroscopic swallow study (General or Civic Campus).

Referrals can be made through EPIC, or by fax (613-739-6164)


Referrals are accepted from doctors at The Ottawa Hospital for patients undergoing treatment for cancer (surgery, radiotherapy, chemotherapy/immunotherapy). Speak to your doctor or member of your healthcare team about referring to speech-language pathology.


Assessment and management of voice disorders are completed through a multidisciplinary ENT clinic. Patients needing voice therapy should be referred to SLPs working in private practice. Patients needing a laryngeal assessment should be referred to ENT.

The Ottawa Hospital Rehabilitation Centre

Referrals are only accepted from doctors at TOHRC.  Referrals to Physiatry (Rehab Doctor) can be initiated by doctors at TOH or in the community.  These referrals must specify the reason for SLP services and the request for a Physiatry assessment.

Speech-language pathology outpatient services are offered for:

  • Communication and thinking difficulties through the ABI Day Program
  • Augmentative-alternative communication through the Augmentative Communication and Writing Service (ACWS)
  • Swallowing disorders secondary to neuromuscular diagnoses
  • Communication and swallowing disorders through the ALS Clinic

Referrals should be faxed to the TOHRC Admitting Department at: (613) 733-8336.

Speak to your doctor or member of your healthcare team about referring you to speech-language pathology.

Last updated on: May 21st, 2021