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The Ottawa Hospital – General Campus, 8th floor, Division Maternal Fetal Medicine, Dept OBS GYN
501 Smyth Rd Ottawa Ontario, K1H 8L6

The placenta is a complex organ which supports fetal growth and development. Some of the most common perinatal complications are related to placental diseases/maldevelopment. For instance, fetal growth restriction and preeclampsia are both related to major underlying placental pathophysiology.

At The Ottawa Hospital – General Campus, we have developed the tools and expertise to evaluate women and their fetuses at risk of placental complications or with already established complications. These include a detailed clinical evaluation, prenatal serology and specialized ultrasounds of the placenta (developed by this team), which assesses its morphology as well as blood flow. Detailed and/or serial feto-placental ultrasounds are also performed as appropriate. We offer pre-pregnancy consultations, antepartum and postpartum evaluations including post loss discussions. Details and interpretation of placental pathology is offered.

The objectives of the Placenta Health Clinic are as follows:

  1. Evaluate pregnant women (and their fetuses) at risk for placental disease and determine preventative strategy when available, or surveillance where appropriate
  2. Provide consultation for women and their fetuses affected by placental disease and delineate a plan of care including surveillance and appropriate interventions
  3. Provide pre-pregnancy consultation for women with a past history of placental disease
  4. Promote evidence-based research in the evaluation and treatment of these complications and integrate patient care with research initiatives
  5. Promote education of women and their families as well as that of physicians and allied health professionals on the role of placental diseases in perinatal medicine.

The Placenta Health Clinic aims to assist the referring physician or midwife in the evaluation, diagnosis, prevention and/or treatment of such complications. As such, it is mostly a consultation clinic and as per the wish of the referring health professional, various models can be considered including shared care.

Last updated on: November 21st, 2016