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  • The MDCU allows patients to avoid a hospital admission during their course of treatment.
  • Examples of treatment given in the unit: chemotherapy, administration of blood products, as well as some diagnostic and treatment procedures.
  • Physicians referring patients for treatment in MDCU must have admitting privileges at The Ottawa Hospital.

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Information Civic Campus General Campus Riverside Campus
Hours of Operation Monday to Friday
0700 -1500
7 days/week
Monday to Friday
Location of Clinic 1053 Carling Avenue
Section D, Room D102
501 Smyth Road
5th floor, Room 5333
1967 Riverside Drive
6th Floor, Room 6-23
Reception Telephone # 613-798-5555
ext. 15421
ext. 72824
ext. 81012
Consult Required Referral to MDCU requires a physician order

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Last updated on: February 25th, 2020