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Every patient who comes to our laboratory outpatient clinic for specimen collection, such as blood or urine, must bring:

  1. A requisition for the tests signed by their physician and
  2. A valid Ontario health card (OHIP) or other valid piece of photo identification.

We can only take your specimen if you have your OHIP card or other piece of photo identification.

It is crucial that we confirm the correct spelling of your name, address, your date of birth and gender. Interpretation of a laboratory result often depends on a person’s age and gender. Results that are normal for a 70-year-old man may not be within normal limits for a teenage boy.

Do I need to call and make an appointment to go for my blood tests or other lab tests?

No, you don’t need an appointment except for some very rare tests, and these will be booked by your physician’s office.

Some of my information has changed since my last visit. What should I do?

Please go to Patient Registration to update your information. Your information will be updated in the hospital system.

Where is Patient Registration?

There are Patient Registration offices on all three campuses. Ask for directions at the Information Desk located near the main entrance of the campus you are going to for your tests.

What if I do not have a current valid OHIP card?

If you don’t have a current valid OHIP card, you will need to bring a different piece of photo identification, such as a driver’s license.

Last updated on: November 1st, 2022