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“Volunteers truly personify the core values of The Ottawa Hospital; their compassion, commitment to quality, team work and respect demonstrate everyday how one person’s actions can make a significant difference in the lives of our patients and our staff.” Dr. Jack Kitts, President & CEO, The Ottawa Hospital

vol-indexAt The Ottawa Hospital, more than 1100 men, women and young people are actively involved as volunteer association members, working to help fulfil the hospital’s vision, mission and values.

Our volunteers represent diverse cultures, age groups, abilities, and life experiences. Some are looking ahead to future careers in health care; others are looking back over the rich life experiences that have equipped them for their role as volunteers. Whatever their backgrounds, all of our volunteers are working to enhance the quality of care offered in our hospital. Our volunteers truly are People Helping People.

Thinking about volunteering? All you need is a willingness to help people, a little time to share and a desire to challenge yourself. Your gift of time and energy would be invaluable to our patients and staff.

Why not join us? Become a Volunteer.