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Board Committees

The Board of Governors has committees that meet on a regular basis between Board of Governors meetings. The membership for each committee is indicated below.

Development Committee 
Tony Sottile (Chair) 
Claude Doucet  Paul Davidson Cameron Love (Ex officio)  Mante Molepo  
Kevin Skinner  Steve Spooner Lucie Tedesco  Brendan Timmins Mary Traversy 
Finance and Audit Committee 
Brendan Timmins (Chair) 
Claude Doucet 
Paul Davidson Cameron Love (Ex officio)  Dr. Virginia Roth (Ex officio) Khalil Shariff 
Zaina Sovani 
Tony Sottile 
Steve Spooner Mary Traversy  Dr. Jocelyn Zwicker (Ex officio)  
Governance Committee 
Claude Doucet (Chair) 
Catherine Clark Marion Crowe Paul Davidson  
Cameron Love (Ex Officio) 
Dudley Maseko Dr. Virginia Roth (Ex officio) 
Khalil Shariff Tony Sottile Brendan Timmins  
Quality Committee 
Marion Crowe (Chair) 
Dr Tim Asmis (Ex officio) Catherine Clark Paul Davidson Claude Doucet Katie Lafferty Cameron Love (Ex officio) 
Suzanne Madore (Ex officio) Dudley Maseko Mante Molepo Dr. Virginia Roth (Ex officio) Kevin Skinner Lucie Tedesco  

Last updated on: June 22nd, 2023