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  • Meaghan Pearson

    For Mario and 5E team: Your team has made all of my stays at TOH the best they could possibly be. Anytime I hear that I am to be sent to 5E at the General Campus, a tranquil sense of happiness rushes over me. I know I am being sent to a sanctuary where everyone […]

  • The Ottawa Hospital Makes Steady Strides in Cancer Care

    July 17, 2014 – As the hub for cancer care in the Champlain health region, The Ottawa Hospital excels in a number of areas related to the diagnosis and control of the disease, according to the 2014 Cancer System Quality Index, an annual scorecard of Ontario’s cancer-care program. In breast-cancer detection, Champlain leads Ontario’s 14 […]

  • Ensuring quality and safety in the preparation of chemotherapy drugs

    April 3, 2013 – The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Program delivers world-class cancer care for the residents of the Champlain Region. As part of its patient quality and safety program, it has policies and procedures in place which are designed to minimize the risk of errors involving chemotherapy orders. These procedures include the preparation of chemotherapy […]

  • The Ottawa Hospital Wins Quality Award for outpatient cancer program – Allows advanced cancer patients to stay and be treated in their homes

    November 30, 2012 – An outpatient CARE program that that allows advanced cancer patients to stay and be treated in their homes rather than being admitted to hospital has won The Ottawa Hospital the 2012 Quality Award in the Cancer Quality Council of Ontario’s (CQCO) annual Quality and Innovation competition. “In the current climate of […]

  • Cancer Treatment Wait Times at The Ottawa Hospital

    May 17, 2012 – The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) is committed to providing high quality and timely care to cancer patients while reducing its wait times for certain aspects of treatment. Over the past several months, TOH has increased its overall capacity for radiation machines from 8 to 11. When new equipment is acquired, we anticipate […]

  • Breast Imaging at The Ottawa Hospital

    March 28, 2012 – Errors in breast cancer screening and follow-up tests have been in the news lately and the fear of misread scans and improper tissue testing can cause anxiety among patients. The Ottawa Hospital has put in place an excellent quality assurance program to ensure that patients receive the safest, highest-quality scans, tests […]

  • Ottawa resident receives excellent prognosis after study detects early lung cancer

    April 20, 2011 – Ottawa resident Debi Lascelle believes she saved her life by participating in The Terry Fox Research Institute’s Pan Canadian Early Lung Cancer Detection Study being conducted at The Ottawa Hospital. Diagnosed in December 2010 with the most common form of lung cancer – adenocarcinoma –she had no symptoms when a 13-millimetre tumour […]

  • The Ottawa Hospital treats first patients with CyberKnife

    The Ottawa Hospital provides improved patient access to cancer surgeries September 24, 2010 – The Ottawa Hospital (TOH) today announced the launch of unprecedented radiation treatment through CyberKnife for Ottawa and Eastern Ontario patients. CyberKnife is the world’s first and only robotic radiosurgery system. The CyberKnife requires no scalpels or incisions. Its advanced image-guided software, […]

  • Improved Access to Cancer Care

    May 6, 2010 – The Ottawa Hospital Cancer Centre is a treatment centre and research facility that brings together doctors, nurses, researchers and other healthcare professionals – all committed to improving care, finding new treatments and enhancing the quality of life of cancer patients.  The Cancer Centre is the second largest outpatient cancer centre in […]