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The Ottawa Hospital has unrestricted visiting hours 24 hours a day.

Our Family Presence policy was implemented in September 2015. We encourage you to visit your loved one at any time because we know that having family and friends nearby helps reduce anxiety and isolation and improves healing and recovery for our patients.


  1. Why does The Ottawa Hospital have flexible visiting hours?
    Research shows that visits from friends and family are important supports to patients during their hospital stay; we want to invite patients and families to be more engaged in care.
  2. Are any areas of the hospital exempt from this policy?
    No areas of the hospital are exempt from the policy. Sometimes, we may need to restrict the length of visits or the number of visitors to protect patients with compromised immune systems or to prevent the spread of infections from one unit to another.
  3. How does visiting at night work?
    If you are planning to visit between 10 p.m. and 6 a.m., please try to discuss in advance with your loved one’s care team when possible – this lets them know who to expect at night.
  4. How many visitors are allowed?
    We must balance the wishes and needs of all patients and families in each room, and allow for patient care. The appropriate number of visitors at any time for each patient can be determined in discussion with the care team.
  5. What about children?
    Children under 14 years old are welcome in most areas of the hospital but must be directly supervised by an adult who is not the patient. Units with immunocompromised patients might need to restrict visits by children in order to protect both the patient’s and the child’s health.
  6. What if the care team needs to provide care?
    Family may be asked to wait in the waiting area while the care team provides care. However, sometimes family may ask or be asked to stay so they can better understand the care needed for their loved one on discharge.